Illegal Food

Yeah, it's that good

Photo: Daniel Davis

Steven Lingenfelter


Chef Steven Lingenfelter is a native of Louisville and started his culinary dream at the tender age of 9. He acquired his degree at a university of culinary arts in New England and has held positions at several prominent Atlanta restaurants such as Spotter Trotter, Veni Vedi Vici, Alluvia at The Cheetah Lounge and Antica Posta.

In 2009, he started a rogue underground food company to avoid getting burnt out from the industry completely — so he began making his favorite foods from scratch and gained a cult following. Four years later, Lingenfelter’s ingenuity led him to reinvent classics at Illegal Food. Since launching in April 2013, Illegal Food has garnered praise from Zagat and Business Insider for Best Burger in Georgia as well as attention from publications like The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Serious Eats and Thrillist.

Lingenfelter and partner/wife, Laurie Dominguez continue to serve their loyal fans at pop-ups, private dinners and special events all over Atlanta.